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source link So You Want to Know a Bit About Surf Life?
Surf Life has the objective of being the global hub for surfing. Allowing users to buy, sell and also swap any of their new or old surf gear. In addition we have a wide range of surf forums.
Charlie Roberts - Surf Life CEO
Charlie Roberts – Surf Life CEO

It all started in the summer of 2016, while the founder Charlie was studying mathematics in his penultimate year at university. Originally there was no drive behind the name, it was originally born from a love of surfing and the motivation to want to start a small business also. Since then we have come a long way, pivoting ideas at various instances. Consequently, finding our niche as a modern global surf hub. With this idea in mind, we have created a platform that allows users to buy, sell and also swap any of their surf gear. Finally, our other main feature is our Surf Forums, these allow our surf community to come together to ask and answer any surf related questions they have. So as soon as a user signs up/logs in they have unlimited access to help or ask for help about any topics they want.

In the summer of 2017, we will also be arriving on the shores of Cornwall at Boardmasters. We’re hoping to talk about what we do and furthermore listen to every great idea our fans bring forward. We will also be bringing our great merch, and super team! We have some great ideas that we think will revolutionise the way surfer interact out of the water, and hence can’t wait to talk through them with everyone. Our Staff



source Charlie Roberts (CEO + Founder)

Charlie is the fuel that keeps us going. His passion for surfing and love of sharing knowledge is the key to Surf Life’s great content.

“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”

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