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    To Duck Dive: Pushing your surfboard under an oncoming wave or white water with your knee or foot in an attempt to avoid being throttled.
    In a sentence: You see that kook out there, he don’t even know how to duck dive.
    “Urban Dictionary –”

    Learning the ‘duck dive’ is one of the most important skills needed to surf, without it you’ll be stuck, getting ‘throttled’ by the white wash and never catching the bigger, cleaner and all round better waves that are further out.

    The duck dive is predominately for shortboardes, you’d be pushing it on a mini mal, and would have no hope in hell on a longboard or foamie! As I said before its the easiest way for most surfers to get out back, and heres how it goes…

    So you’re on the beach just tying your leash to your ankle, waiting for a good time to paddle out and then you’re off… The back’s now in sight, but you realised you’ve F’d up as a huge set is just about to unleash on you, good thing you can duck dive 😉
    About 5 meters before the wave, grip the rails (side of the board) and push down on the front of the board only. As the wave is just about to hit, you put your head underwater, allowing the wave to flow over you. Soon you feel it coming over your back, that when you know to put your foot on the tail pad of your board, while pulling the rails towards you. This gives you up-thrust needed to re-surface the other side of the wave. Catch you breath, wipe your face and continue your paddle out.

    Nobody gets this right the first time, but with practice and personal adjustment, struggling to get to the back will be a thing of the past!

    Hope this helps you out, and thank you for reading!

    Charlie – SurfLife.

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